Find out what happens to Eiara in a few short weeks!

This new life is not without its adventures, though, as Eiara discovers things she didn’t have at home. She also learns more than she wants to know about The Wall surrounding the Kingdom and standing solidly shrouded in mystery for most of those who live within it. No one is quite sure why The Wall and its guardian peacekeeping soldiers are necessary for life; they just seem to accept it. They accept the story about utter destruction “on the outside” and subsequent rebuilding that resulted in their safe, self-sufficient, walled home. Outside The Wall, The Wasteland is inconsequential, and to be ignored. The Kingdom’s inhabitants rely on and live by total obedience to The King, his messages, and the King’s Guard to protect them, no matter what.

Eiara moves into her new home, new school, and new life. She first meets Eddero, who extends a hand of friendship, but whose attention is often stolen away by Mert, the seemingly “alpha male” winner of the school’s popularity contest. Eiara makes some new girlfriends, too: Loretta, Camy and May take her in to their tight circle. Two boys fighting for her attention, and girls to hang with. Things in this new place seem at the same time normal, and yet not quite right. Who are her true friends? And why?


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